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Water Proof (Preventive protection)
งานกันซึม ( ป้องกัน)
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Deck Coating
Floor Coating

The quality of epoxy floor does not come only from selected the high quality material,ie., Epoxy Resin,  Hardener. The other two important parts are APPLICATION OF WORKMANSHIP AND FLOOR PREPARATION.

Groupmech Corporation. Ltd. has the most experience more than 10 years of Epoxy floor laying,so we  assure you the excellent works and ability to solve the proble,s concerning the floor laying. 

For the floor preparation,we serve our customer with SHOT BLAST MACHINE which garantee 100% dust  free and environment friendly.They need no water to clean the floor,no acid etching, which may cause  problems of osmosis and surface residues.This machine will garantee to get a perfect substrate for epoxy  coating. 

Epoxy based floorings have been giving consistent,reliable heavy-duty service throughout the world for  more than 40 years in structures ranging from hospital to heavy engineering facilities. 

Boonrawd Brewery : Type : Self-levelling
Dow pacific Waste water tank : Type : Coating
Decorative Floor : Type : Epoxy+Colour quartz
Type : Epoxy tiles pointing

A board choice of system that meet practically any requirement is available:
- multilayer screeds
- mortar screeds
- mosaic screeds
- self-levelling screeds
- antistatic screeds
- floor coatings
- tile grouting and pointing 

Epoxy based floors exhibit :
-outstanding mechanical properties
- superior wear resistance
- resistance to chemicals
- minimal risk of cracking and excellent adhesion to the substrate
- negligible increase in floor weight
-seamless surfaces
- hygienic,non-porous and easily sterilized surfaces
-low maintenance costs.
Shot Blast Machine : The most effective way in floor preparation
Toyota Service Center : Type : Coating
Siam Food pineapple Factory : Type : Anti Skid
Thai CRT : Highly Chemical resistant Fibreglass Polymer lining